Camping Alpenfreude


About us

We are Melanie & Jörg Gallei, born in 1972 and 1971 respectively.
We come from Germany and were born and lived in the southern Hessen.

We have been enthusiastic campers for many decades and have owned a caravan called "Hugo the First" for years! Since we wanted to do something completely new, we came up with the idea of turning our hobby into a profession. After years of searching we found "Camping Alpenfreude"!
It was the beginning of January 2020 when we made the purchase decision - there was no talk of a pandemic at the time!

So let family and friends know about our plans. Sell our house in Germany! Pack the moving boxes, dismantle the furniture and off we go.

A new start in Austria, in beautiful Carinthia!

On March 3, 2020, we arrived at Camping Alpenfreude with "Hugo the First" so that we could take over the campsite and the house on site. Unfortunately, the first lockdown came a few days later. Gradually, the whole world came to a standstill. The contract negotiations drag on. Everything is only possible at a distance, with a mask and usually only by phone or email.
The contracts were only signed and the keys handed over on April 30, 2020 - all under the strict coronavirus conditions, of course.

Only now did we have the opportunity to explore our private house and the campsite. It was not possible to move into the private house as everything inside was in need of renovation. So a provisional move in and a life of suitcases, bags and moving boxes and lots of work in many respects.

The first renovation work in the house had to be completed. On the other hand, the campsite and restaurant also had to be put into operation.

Many things came at us at the same time; here are a few examples:

Familiarization with the campsite by the former owner, turning on water at the campsite in the individual buildings and swimming pool and checking everything for leaks, Mow the lawns of the entire campsite, Tax and banking matters, contact with locals and the first guests, staff recruitment, burst water pipes, sewer blockages, telephone calls, discussions with suppliers, renovation, purchase of merchandise management program, new PCs, cell phones, printers, health insurance registration, re-registration DE to AT, mucking out and cleaning the restaurant kitchen, counter and restaurant, new tables and chairs for the restaurant terrace were purchased, the reception cleaned and prepared, the new terrace furniture assembled and much more had to be done!

The outdoor pool we leased also turned out to be a huge challenge, some things didn't work as they should - we won't go into that in detail here. My training as a pool attendant and first aider to get the outdoor pool up and running also didn't take place for a while due to coronavirus.

It was the biggest challenge my husband and I have ever faced in our lives! And we already had a few life experiences behind us. This was not how we had imagined starting and living with and on a campsite far away from home.

Nevertheless, things had to move forward. The pre- and main season was approaching! We didn't yet know our permanent campers and regular guests, and they didn't know us. There was curiosity on both sides. The first guests slowly arrived. A first "sniffing around" takes place.
We start with a small selection of dishes for the restaurant. The outdoor pool goes into operation.

In the second year, the requirements were tightened again due to corona - you had to be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Not all guests liked that. Locals stayed away. And for all the guests who came, it was a huge effort for us to check all the requirements, get and carry out the necessary tests, etc.!

Season 2023 - the pandemic is officially over! Corona restrictions are relaxed or lifted. Life is slowly returning to normal. Guests can travel more carefree again. We, Melanie & Jörg with Camping Alpenfreude are still here! That's why we are looking positively to the future and are looking forward to the next season with lots of guests and hopefully great summer weather!

Today is the 15.12.2023. The fourth season is behind us. We have already achieved a lot in these 4 years!

Most recently a new logo and our course map 1+2, demolition of the mini golf course and construction of a new leisure area with new play equipment and we are currently working on our new website!

We are proud of everything we have achieved and overcome so far!
We would like to thank our family for the many helping hands, all campers, guests, friends and neighbors for your help, loyalty and patience!

We will keep at it and will gradually lead Camping Alpenfreude to further success! We still want to change a lot .... Let's get started!

Curious about us? Come along next season and get to know us and Camping Alpenfreude!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to 2024

Melanie & Jörg Gallei


Stand: 15.12.2023